Nationwide Debt Relief Programs


Working with only Top Rated programs with the Better Business Bureau, at the Legal Debt Relief Center, we understand that having debt in your life can be a real source of continued concern and worry.  Every month the bills keep coming, interest keeps growing and you continue to fail at making for financial forward progress.  The banks are making billions off the backs of hard working Americans who literally go to work each day so they can continue to pay the interest on their debts.  This is no way to get live, let alone get ahead.

If you are one of the many struggling to keep up on your payments or have already fallen behind, you really need to take a minute and explore what options are available to you.  There is no single solution that fits everyone’s debt situation so it is important that you find  a debt relief company that can show you multiple options and work with you to find out what best fits YOUR needs.

At the Legal Debt Relief Center, we have taken the time to partner with some of the most trusted debt relief institutions in the debt and financial services industries.  Our service providers have managed millions of dollars collectively in credit card debt and have the necessary experience to navigate the debt settlement negotiation processes.  All of our program partners have established long-standing relationships with creditors, banks and financial institutions in order to reach the most favorable debt relief solutions for our clients. Our team will be with you every step of the way and will be available to help whenever it is needed.

When you schedule a free financial assessment with the Legal Debt Relief Center, our debt counselors will provide you with the best debt relief advice for your current financial situation. We will help you to determine the best relief solutions that will be the most cost-effective and efficient for you. If you qualify for one of the government-approved relief programs, you will be enrolled into a program with one of the best debt relief companies in the nation. Trustworthy debt relief companies will always educate the consumer on ALL of their debt relief options – not just one. Beware if you feel like you are being pressured into a debt relief program that is not right for your particular situation.

When you choose the  Legal Debt Relief Center as your credit card debt relief company, here are some of the services you can expect:

  • Immediate protection from the harassment of debt collectors.
  • Legal advice and help from specialized debt attorneys.
  • Highly skilled state attorney in the event that any legal issues should arise.
  • Complete Credit Restoration available
  • Financial services in the first 30 days of the program, designed to educate the client and help them become financially fit so they are in better shape when they come out of the program. Having an attorney spend hours each month on their case would normally cost $350 per hour to retain the attorneys that specialize in this field. With our program it’s all included in the client’s payment with no out of pocket costs.
We have been in the credit card debt relief industry since 2003.  With over 9 years of experience and knowledge, the Legal Debt Relief Center is one of the most trusted debt relief referral companies in the country.
NOTICE: The Debt Validation process is NOT a debt settlement, modification, or negotiation service.  Services offered ARE NOT CREDIT REPAIR or any form of Credit Repair.  No claim is made to affect, change or improve any part of a credit report.

BBB Rating

Debt relief companies with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau are few and far between.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) acts as an independent third party organization designed to empower the consumer with real time information on companies to choose from when shopping for services.  There is no better  place for a consumer to visit to check out a company to see how long a company has been in business, how many complaints a company has and much more. You are able to look up insurance companies, debt companies, restaurants and just about any type of company at the BBB website.
Debt relief services through a highly rated company ensures the following:
  • Consumers have the confidence that any and all complaints are resolved in a timely manner. The BBB requires that a debt relief company resolves any and all complaints. The Legal Debt Relief Center has it’s own internal policy that complaints are addressed and responded to within a 72 hour period.  Resolution and satisfaction is our goal.
  • The Better Business Bureau double-checks that complaints are indeed handled professionally.   The BBB uses it’s resources to actually reach out and speak with customers to insure they were satisfied with their service provider and whether they would recommend them to a friend.  This is like asking a good friend for a recommendation.
  • The Better Business Bureau takes the time to confirm how long a business has been in operation.  In order to receive a high rating from the BBB, a debt relief company must be able to provide a proven track record.  The Legal Debt Relief Center has been in business and focusing on debt relief services as a specialty.  We focus only on debt relief and have as much or more experience than any company in the United States.
At this time, the programs offered by the Legal Debt Relief Center have clients files processing on average, over 200 accounts every month.  The aggressiveness taking place in our relief processing department leads to lots of happy graduating clients.
NOTICE: The Debt Validation process is NOT a debt settlement, modification, or negotiation service.  Services offered ARE NOT CREDIT REPAIR or any form of Credit Repair.  No claim is made to affect, change or improve any part of a credit report.

Companies CAN NOT “buy” their rating with the BBB?

Some folks have heard that if you advertise with the Better Business Bureau, you are open to favorable treatment.  This simply is not true, nor is it ethical or legal.
Companies can pay to be listed in the BBB directory or even take out large advertising space but this does not influence the actual rating they are given.  Companies pay for “accreditation,” but not for an good rating with the BBB.  The term “Accredited” simply refers to the fact they a company will be “listed” in the annual BBB directory.  It really doesn’t mean anything.  In fact, if you see a business that is not accredited with a high rating, there is no question that the rating was indeed earned.
Due to the sensitive nature of personal finances, it is important that you take the time to find a debt relief company you can trust and offers on A-rated programs by the Better Business Bureau.